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Here to Help Foundation

WHAT IS THE FOUNDATION? To put it simply, our goal is to help. And we're working hard at it because life throws curveballs when we least expect it. All of a sudden an unanticipated emergency arises and you are at a tipping point. Help is needed and there is nowhere to turn for assistance. Hopefully we can be that bridge to get you to the other side and keep you moving forward. That's your goal. That's our goal. WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? We are here to be a hand up in a time of crisis. We have programs that address the big emergencies that confront people. Like needing a car to get to and from work or coming from homelessness and needing a security deposit to get off the streets. Or missing work for a few weeks due to illness and then falling behind in rent and about to be evicted. Or being hours away from having your heat shut off or needing your car repaired to be able to get to your dialysis treatment. Go to our What Do We Help With page to learn more about our programs. We've done our best to provide as much help as we can and have been able to assist, since 2008, over 8000 people in our community who were facing their own emergency. But it's not about us, it's about you. CAN YOU HELP ME? If you are in need of help, go through our website. Please make sure to read the Who We Can Help? page and the How Do I Request Help? page. Read about our specific programs and the requirements to receive help. Hopefully, we can help you and remove any unanticipated obstacle on the road to your success. Please note that we are only able to assist residents of Wayne or Oakland County in southeastern Michigan.
P.O. Box 480
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068