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Centre Francophone de Michigan

The Center Francophone de Michigan is a 501 (c) 3 organization, created in June 2016 and recognized by American law in March 2019, is a non-profit association based in Michigan, United States. Its objective is to promote and enhance the French language, new technology and the culture of member countries of La Francophonie; to encourage education, entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Mission: Welcome new Francophones as well as their families who have chosen Michigan as their state of residence in the USA, without social, political, ethnic or religious discrimination. To accompany them during all the time that they will stay there for their total integration, until they adapt to a new environment and different from its origins; Facilitate their integration into American life through a network of friendship, mutual aid and meetings; Provide practical and useful information and advice necessary for rapid adaptation; Offer activities, opportunities for discovery, exchange and mutual enrichment; Offer every Francophone the opportunity of immersion in French culture and language;
6941 Marshall Ave Se
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508