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Lincolnite Club, Inc

MISSION AND PURPOSE Section 1. Mission The Mission of the Lincolnite Club is to preserve, revitalize, and perpetuate the Historic Lincoln School Legacy. Section 2. Purpose The principal purpose for which this corporation is formed includes the acquisition, operation, and preservation of all buildings and land, “about 10 acres more or less”, on the Campus, formerly occupied by "The Lincoln School of Marion, Alabama", and particularly that portion of said property which includes Phillips Memorial Auditorium; The Gymnasium and The Classroom Addition Building. The said properties and vacant land shall be preserved as a memorial to the dedicated parents, teachers, friends and alumni of the old Lincoln School; and said property shall be used but not limited to the “Lincoln School Museum", as well as a place for educational enrichment, and civic organization meetings including a permanent place for class and family reunions of the various graduating classes of Lincoln School and the community-at-large.
2710 Tuebingen Pkwy
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105