2022 Michigan Nonprofit Compensation + Benefits Survey Available

Michigan Nonprofit Leadership Survey

The Michigan Nonprofit Association has partnered with Association TRENDS to conduct a confidential compensation survey. Participation is FREE, and participants will receive a discounted copy of the report.

What is the 2022 Michigan Nonprofit Compensation + Benefits Survey?

The Michigan Nonprofit Association has decided to conduct this confidential survey to report on trends within the nonprofit agencies in Michigan and help those nonprofits:

  • become more competitive in the marketplace; and
  • to retain staff and the institutional knowledge of long-tenured staff.

Why participate?

This confidential survey is customized, created, and designed specifically for Michigan Nonprofits, which means organizations will be able to compare and benchmark staff salary levels.

  • The more participation we have, the better the data will be. High participation produces robust results, benefiting both you and your staff.
  • The results will help you set fair and competitive compensation where possible.
  • A key to hiring and maintaining valuable staff members.

 What will the final report include?

  • Informative data to use for analyzing salary structure.
  • Specific market salary information for 140 positions specific to the Michigan nonprofit network. Easy-to-read charts include median salaries, average salaries and more.
  • Salary differences by region, budget, and staff size.
  • An extensive benefits section including fringe benefits.<l/i>
  • COVID-19 impacts on salary/benefits.

Your Questions Answered:

Who fills out the survey?
Primarily your HR or finance staff, but if you don’t have a dedicated HR or finance staff person, the executive director or CEO would be the most appropriate person to complete the survey.

Is it difficult?
No. The user interface is designed for easy input of compensation information. A support team will be available for troubleshooting.

Is it secure?
Absolutely. The user interface is encrypted, and password protected.

Is there a cost?
It is 100% free to fill out the survey and participants will receive the final compensation report for $150.00 off. We hope that you will contribute to this vital study. Survey participation is free, and all results are confidential.

When will the report be available?
The report will be available for distribution in Summer 2022.




For more information contact Sarah Pinder from MNA:spinder@mnaonline.org

Nellie Tsai from MNA:ntsai@mnaonline.org