MNA Technology Services

Making information technology easy and accessible

MNA Technology Services delivers cost-effective IT solutions customized for nonprofit organizations.

How Can MNA Technology Services Help?

MNA knows nonprofits. We provide realistic technology solutions that allow nonprofits to not just be stable and secure but also plan for the future. We offer the most affordable solutions without sacrificing the critical support your nonprofit really needs. Our main areas of support include:

  • Outsource your IT - We can manage your monthly tech needs through a Tech Care plan to ensure you’re consistently stable and secure and can commit more time to your mission.
  • Technology planning - We offer multiple types of in-person assessments that we can conduct to provide you a tech roadmap for the future. This planning is included for nonprofits who are on the monthly Tech Care plan.
  • Tech resources - As Michigan’s only state-wide association serving all charities, we are uniquely able to bring you the most relevant discounts, trainings, and resources - no matter what part of the state or country they come from!

MNA’s Tech Services is advised by a committee of technology industry experts to ensure we bring best practices from other sectors to our work. See the list of MNA Tech Advisory Committee members here.

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Report a Problem

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