Nonprofit Tech Assessment Services

Planning for technology is the single most important ingredient to effectively using technology in your organization. The assessment and planning process will help minimize technology-related crises, use staff time efficiently and avoid wasting money on equipment. Create a plan to help you think through your priorities in order to use technology in a way that directly furthers your mission.

The challenges your organization faces are ever-changing. There’s never a dull moment and hardly any time to catch your breath, never mind envision how things could be different. How can you integrate your offline and online approaches? Can you develop a technology strategy that evolves, grows and transforms the way you make an impact on your community and the world? Do you have the insight and expertise to map the path? MNA's technology experts do. With our collective intelligence and results-driven tools and techniques, we can help you close gaps, uncover opportunities in your technology infrastructure and realize greater ROI in the process.

MNA Technology Services has the resources for leading your agency through a technology plan that can help you budget for stability, increase efficiency and lower your technology costs. We help you create a strategic technology plan to ensure that your organization’s use of technology is in sync with your overall objectives.

We strive to provide technology strategy and planning services to nonprofits of all sizes because we believe it is a critical component in every nonprofit’s success. We have developed a streamlined, effective methodology for helping you identify the best technology solutions for your organization. We help you develop your list of requirements and prioritize them. We then use our research, nationwide network, tools and processes to find a solution that exactly meets your needs.

To learn more about how our consultants can assist your organization, please contact us.