Michigan Nonprofit Association Logo Usage and Guidelines

General guidelines

As a general rule, third parties may not use the Michigan Nonprofit Association logo ("logo") without written permission.

The logo is fixed in terms of appearance. The words “Michigan Nonprofit Association” are part of the logo and may not be removed for any reason.

The logo must never be reconstructed, redrawn or modified and must always be reproduced from a master original which can be obtained from Michigan Nonprofit Association.


You may not display the logo in any manner that would suggest your product or service is a product or service of Michigan Nonprofit Association or that your organization or business is endorsed by Michigan Nonprofit Association unless you have written authorization to do so.

You may not use other words in conjunction with the MNA logo including, but not limited to, preferred member, proud member, sponsor, partner or vendor without written permission from Michigan Nonprofit Association.

You are not permitted to use the downloadable low resolution Michigan Nonprofit Association logo in any printed document or other print material.

To request permission to use the logo, contact:
Joan Gustafson, External Affairs Officer