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The power of the HUMAN connection in the IT sector

The power of the HUMAN connection in the IT sector

By Adam King, MNA Technology Director

As the IT Services Director at MNA, I am fortunate enough to meet and work with numerous nonprofits across Michigan that work to improve communities and make an impact on society. In late 2021, I had the opportunity to meet with the leaders of Human-I-T, an organization in Detroit.

Human-I-T is a social enterprise that is focused on the creation of equitable access to digital opportunities through several different programs. As part of their mission, they work with businesses and organizations to divert unwanted technology from landfills into the hands of people who need it the most. This program effectively solves two problems at once – filling the gap of the digital divide and curbing the e-waste crisis. Human-I-T then provides jobs to the local economy by wiping the sensitive data on the devices and refurbishing them for their second life. The refurbished devices are distributed to local organizations in need of this technology.

Alongside this program, Human-I-T also provides low-cost internet access to individuals. A major barrier to equity and inclusion is the lack of reliable, high-speed internet to access resources such as employment opportunities, healthcare, online training, education and more.

Human-I-T’s free digital training provides individuals the opportunity to learn skills they need to be successful online. Training covers aspects such as helping children with online school, learning new career skills, applying for jobs, setting up appointments online, and connecting with distant loved ones.

Through these various services and programs, Human-I-T strives to commit to their belief that access to technology is a right, not a privilege.

To learn more about Human-I-T and their mission, click here.