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Census 2020 Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign Receives Additional State Funding

June 26, 2019

LANSING, Mich., — The Michigan legislature has allocated $5 million in appropriations funding for the Census 2020 Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign to ensure a complete count of all Michigan residents for Census 2020. The Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) spearheaded the ambitious statewide campaign in 2018 and will be the steward of the funding to support preparation, education and outreach for Census 2020. The campaign was launched in 2018 with seed funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and support from the Council of Michigan Foundations.

The funding, approved June 24, will be used to help ensure a full and accurate count of Michigan residents in the 2020 Census by supporting statewide census outreach. This will include staffing and implementation of outreach strategies such as training for local officials, support of local complete count committees and coordination with the Michigan Nonprofit Complete Count Committee, which is the steering committee of the Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign. This funding is in addition to a $1,000,000 grant awarded in 2018 to MNA for the state’s Census 2020 activities.

“The Michigan Nonprofit Association applauds Sen. Jim Stamas, chair of the Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee, and Representative Shane Hernandez, chair of the Michigan House Appropriations Committee, for their tireless leadership in shepherding this vital appropriation through the Michigan House and Senate,” said Donna Murray-Brown, MNA president and CEO and co-chair of the Michigan Nonprofit Complete Count Committee. “A lot is at stake for Census 2020, which is why obtaining a complete count of all Michigan residents, including historically undercounted populations, is essential to ensuring the future well-being of Michigan and all who live here.”

Currently, Michigan is at risk of losing billions in annual federal funding for programs supported by census data including Medicaid, nutrition assistance, highway construction and planning, Title l and Special Education Grants, Foster Care and Child Care Grants, K-12 education, Section 8 Vouchers, and Head Start/Early Start, as well as a federal congressional seat.

“Nonprofit organizations are uniquely qualified to mobilize historically undercounted populations,” said Hassan Jaber, executive director and CEO of ACCESS and co-chair of the Michigan Nonprofit Complete Count Committee. “Our organizations are located in urban and rural communities most at-risk of being undercounted in Census 2020. We are a trusted resource in these communities because we maintain everyday contact with the people we serve, and understand the cultural sensitivities as well as languages needed to communicate effectively. This generous grant will augment the funding we receive for this important work through major gifts and grants.”

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