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Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) serves the diverse nonprofit sector through advocacy, inclusive services, programming and resources.

Founded in 1990, Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) is a 501 (c)(3) statewide membership organization that serves nonprofits through advocacy, training, and resources. MNA is dedicated to promoting anti-racism and social justice in the nonprofit sector.

Core Values

These values transcend mere words; they are our guiding principles, and the force that shapes and drives our organizational culture forward.

Our journey starts with our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. OR DEIJ.  These aren’t just concepts, DEIJ is central to everything we do here at MNA. We place these at the forefront of our work because we’re aware of the impacts of injustice. And we will continue our journey in earnest.

  • Respect  Respect is fundamental. We respect each other, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve. We cherish the opportunity to lean into acceptance and will continue to dedicate time to listen, learn and grow.

  • Integrity — Integrity is non-negotiable. We uphold it in every action, and we refuse to compromise our integrity.
  • Strategic Impact — Strategic impact drives us. As a mission-driven, member centered organization, we work alongside communities for systemic change and the greater good here in Michigan.
  • Relationships — Relationships are key. We take great pride in nurturing our relationships. At our core we seek to collaborate and serve as a connector. We value all our relationships and recognize they have and will continue to be a key ingredient to our success.
  • Accountability — We are committed to a clear path of action built on a foundation of trust and honesty. Accountability drives performance and allows for self-reflection and growth. We operate with a mindset of continuous improvement, focused on achieving a collective result for MNA and contributing to greater social impact.
  • Sustainability — Sustainability is vital. We support nonprofits in being fiscally viable and evolving to meet community needs. Our success ensures a robust nonprofit sector in Michigan.

Learn more about our values in the video below!

Our Impact

MNA serves the needs of the nonprofit sector through our work in thought leadership, advocacy, training, technology services, and civic engagement. We strive to connect, improve and advance all nonprofits to help build a strong, thriving and vital Michigan.

MNA's mission is to serve nonprofits by strengthening the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofits to enrich the lives of all Michiganders. Our vision is that Michigan's nonprofits are visible and valued as essential contributors to society. We aim to boost the influence of Michigan's nonprofits as change makers and valued state and national partners.

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