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Session 4 : Leveraging Technology and Tips for Taking the Workplace Virtual

Since the pandemic, many employees have been working at home to comply with “stay at home” orders in Michigan. This session showcased how some organizations have been using technology to meet members’ needs. Additionally, there was legal guidance on a virtual workplace and suggestions on assisting employees with technology.

Session Overview

Employees and Technology

  • Remember each employee will have different access to technology and equipment such as a laptop or desktop computer, a headset, a camera and internet access.
  • If your organization can send employees hardware or a technology stipend, do it.
  • Understand that while employees are working from home, they shouldn’t be “plugged in” 24/7. Don’t expect them to be available all the time either.
  • Organizations can make files accessible by putting them in different suites, for example, Office 365 or Google Suites.
  • There are many platforms employees and customers can use to stay connected during this virtual time (see the Appendix for a full list):
    • Zoom
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Google Meet
    • Slack
    • Stormboard

Remote Work Security Information

  • Know that typical home WiFi connections have lower security than in-office IT management systems. Hackers will be able to access network traffic more easily.
  • Some employees may be working in other public spaces; remind them to watch out for theft, breaches of confidentiality and destruction of devices.
  • Remind employees of technology safety at home and conduct training to prevent accidents.
  • Do regular password managing and updating.
  • Be strategic in cloud access and permissions.

Google Hangout/Meet



  • Help employees get access to better technology and equipment — send them equipment, let them borrow equipment from the office and/or provide a technology stipend.
  • Be flexible about the time employees are working. Even though they work from home, they shouldn’t be available 24/7.
  • Use platforms for shared data, documents and collaboration.
  • Hold training for technology security and data breaches.

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