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We Are 501c3

The Michigan Nonprofit Association proudly presents "We are 501c3" - a vibrant showcase of the indefinable work and resilience of nonprofits across our great state

As we emerge from the shadows of the pandemic, our nonprofits have not only endured but have become beacons of hope, adaptation, and unwavering commitment. This campaign is more than just a narrative; it's a mosaic of stories, successes, and steadfast dedication.

Join us in exploring the diverse tapestry of Michigan's nonprofits. We invite you to take time to explore the stories featured on this page and witness how 501c3’s continue to shape our communities for the better.  From small grassroots movements to bigger charitable organizations, every story is a testament to the power of collective effort and the enduring spirit of Michigan.

Together, we are more than just nonprofits; we are the heartbeat of community resilience and transformation.

 Explore. Celebrate. Support. #WeAre501c3


Auntie Na's House

DETROIT, MI – Discover the heartwarming impact of Auntie Na's House, a beacon of hope in Detroit, Michigan's communities. Nonprofits like Auntie Na’s House play a crucial role in uplifting and supporting our state, especially during challenging times. Through their dedication, they provide not just meals in their Nutrition House but medical access, after-school tutoring and educational programs, clothing and emergency temporary housing support and the community gardens that supports fresh farm to table vegetables to their neighborhood. Auntie Na’s House was one of the many Michigan Nonprofits recognized in the Michigan Nonprofit Relief Fund and their contribution to those facing hardships doesn’t go unrecognized. Join us in celebrating the spirit of giving back and making Michigan a better place for all. We sat down with Sonia Brown, the founder and CEO of Auntie Na’s House to talk about the needs in the community and how Auntie Na’s remains the heart of the neighborhood they serve. Learn more about Auntie Na’s House by visiting https://www.auntienashouse.org/

NIA Centre

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - NIA Centre is an African American cultural nonprofit that supports, celebrates, and shares African American culture by exploring the intersections of art, health, wealth, and education. The organization hosts major art exhibitions featuring local and nationally known artists of any discipline to promote equitable access to the arts for Grand Rapidians. Its Youth Engagement program offers high school and college-aged individuals the opportunity to assist NIA Centre in increasing capacity while building skills. Additionally, NIA Centre uplifts local leaders, providing them with a platform to share their stories, businesses, or crafts on a larger scale. 

NIA Centre was also a MI Nonprofit Relief Fund Reciepient and an MNA active member!

We had the privilege of meeting with André Dandridge, the Executive Director of NIA Centre, and gaining insight into the impactful work the organization is accomplishing within the community.

Learn more about NIA Centre by visiting https://www.niacentregr.org/.

United Community Family Services

TROY, MI - Formed in 1961 by 20 compassionate women, the Chaldean American Ladies of Charity (CALC) evolved into United Community Family Services/CALC (UCFS), a dynamic organization serving Southeast Michigan. From its grassroots origins as an all-volunteer group, UCFS has grown to include additional qualified staff, dedicated Board members, and passionate volunteers. Transitioning to its own facility in 2014, UCFS renovated the space to house administrative offices, training facilities, and The Sharehouse—a substantial Basic Needs Center and Food Pantry. This transformation reflects UCFS's commitment to supporting families and individuals with dignity and hope, embodying the founders' legacy of service and empowerment.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Courtney Morrow, Grants Manager of UCFS, to gain insight into how their organization is meeting the needs of community members.

Learn more about United Community Family Services by visiting https://ucfamilyservices.org/

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Isaiah’s Hub Youth Center: Supporting Jackson’s Kids

Have Mercy

GREENVILLE, MI - Have Mercy provides shelter for men, women, couples, and families in Montcalm and Ionia counties. All homeless families have access to temporary shelter, food, and the assistance needed to rebuild their lives. Have Mercy aims to keep these families together and off the streets while helping them address the underlying issues that led to their homelessness.

"MNA is such a godsend to us — such a blessing. They are there to support us, keep us going, and provide whatever resources that we need that we don’t have the faintest idea where to look. We are really appreciative of them and what they do." - Kim Cain, Executive Director of Have Mercy

We had the privilege of sitting down with Kim Cain, Executive Director of Have Mercy, to gain insight into how their organization is meeting the needs of community members.

Learn more about Have Mercy and other nonprofits across Michigan by visiting https://havemercymi.org/

Kalamazoo Literacy Council

KALAMAZOO, MI - The Kalamazoo Literacy Council is a nonprofit volunteer tutor organization dedicated to improving the lives of adults through reading and writing support. Offering free basic literacy services, their programs include tutoring in various areas such as job skills, financial literacy, parenting, and health for both native English speakers and English language learners. Over the past five decades, the Kalamazoo Literacy Council has evolved significantly from its beginnings in 1974, when a small group of locals responded to a call for help in the newspaper. From a grassroots effort to a vital community resource, the Kalamazoo Literacy Council continues to make a meaningful impact, one learner at a time.

We were so grateful to sit down with Michael Evans, Executive Director of the Kalamazoo Literacy Council, and learn more about the organization's commitment to addressing adult literacy challenges in their community. 

Learn more about the Kalamazoo Literacy Council by visiting https://kalamazooliteracy.org/

 VINA Community Dental Center

BRIGHTON, MI - VINA Community Dental Center provides quality, affordable dental care to residents with limited finances and little to no access to dental care while upholding the professional standards of dentistry in a concerned and compassionate manner. Many patients seen at VINA have not received dental care in 10, 20, or even 30 years, suffering from repeated infections and enduring the incredible pain of toothaches due to the inability to afford routine dental care. VINA currently accepts 15-20 new patients per month, with professional volunteers providing nearly half of the 150-200 one-hour dental appointments each month. VINA also employs part-time dentists and dental assistants to support the volunteers. Patients pay $25 per appointment, covering a portion of the clinic’s operating expenses. Additionally, VINA refers patients to dental specialists in the community who provide treatment at no additional charge. 

We were honored to sit down with Samantha Jorgens, Executive Director of VINA Community Dental, to learn about the incredible impact the organization is making on the community.

Learn more about the VINA Community Dental and other nonprofits across Michigan by visiting https://vinadental.org/

 Mid-Michigan Children's Museum

SAGINAW, MI - The Mid-Michigan Children's Museum is planned, designed, and built just for kids! The museum features over 16,000 square feet of gallery space, and each gallery was developed around school curriculum with input from children’s museum specialists, educators, and kids. As a nonprofit organization, MMCM strives to provide children birth to 10 years old abundant opportunities to problem-solve, discover, and explore all at their own pace and level while fostering curiosity and creativity.

We were incredibly grateful to sit down with Anne Doyle, Founder & Director of the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, and learn about the profound impact the museum is having on families in the community.

Learn more about the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum by visiting https://michildrensmuseum.org

 The Dream Kings Leadership Program

DETROIT, MI - The Dream Kings Leadership Program collaborates with schools, community centers, churches, and parent groups to provide support for male students from elementary school through 12th grade. Their mission is to empower these young men to achieve their goals and realize positive outcomes in all areas of their lives. With a firm belief in the potential of every young man, the youth they serve receive mentorship in public speaking, project-based learning, social-emotional wellness, and leadership skills, equipping them for a future of strength, productivity, and fulfillment. The Dream Kings Leadership Program aims for them to lead lives brimming with passion, purpose, and power.

We were incredibly grateful to sit down with William Malcolm, Founder & Director of the Dream Kings Leadership Program, and learn about the profound impact the organization is having on young men in metro Detroit.

Learn more about The Dream Kings Leadership Program by visiting thedreamkings.org.

Footprints of Michigan

LANSING, MI - Footprints of Michigan is on a mission to empower those who are in need by providing warmth and dignity with footwear. Initiatives like the Soles4Vets program extend support to homeless veterans across Michigan by supplying them with new footwear and socks. Additionally, the Boots on the Playground program ensures that elementary school children in Lansing receive winter boots, protecting them from the harsh cold. The organization welcomes volunteers and donations of all types of footwear, whether new or gently used, emphasizing that items should be mud-free and without holes in the soles or body.

We were so honored to sit down with Geronimo Lerma III to learn about his organization and the impact he is making across the state.

To learn more about Footprints of Michigan and other nonprofits across Michigan, visit https://www.footprintsofmichigan.org/ 

Ironwood Theatre

IRONWOOD, MI - “Our community is very rural. We would like to be a regional hub of entertainment so that everyone can enjoy the arts.” - Zona Wick, Board President of Ironwood Theatre.

Established in 1988, the Ironwood Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting cultural experiences within the community. With no local tax support, it relies on donations, ticket sales, fundraisers, and funding grants. The theater, run by volunteers and a small staff, serves as a hub for various performing arts events, including plays, movies, and musical performances. Its mission is to maintain the historic venue for future generations while providing a platform for both entertainment and education. Through its programs, it aims to engage all age groups, nurture youth involvement in the arts, and explore relevant social topics and local history.

We were grateful for the opportunity to meet with Zona Wick and learn about the theatre's profound impact on the community while also experiencing the remarkable establishment firsthand.

Learn more about Ironwood Theatre by visiting https://www.ironwoodtheatre.net/

Trillium House

MARQUETTE, MI - Trillium House is a new 8-unit modern Hospice Facility located on a beautiful 5.75-acre wooded parcel in Marquette, Michigan. The organization's inception stems from a collaborative grassroots fundraising initiative within the Marquette community. It was driven by the collective vision to establish a unique haven dedicated to meeting the end-of-life needs of local residents and their families, offering compassionate support and care. This is the first of its kind in the central UP and third in the Upper Peninsula.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Melissa Cavill, the Executive Director of Trillium House, to delve deeper into the remarkable impact they are fostering within their community.

Learn how you can support Trillium House by visiting https://trilliumhouse.org/

The Children's Grief Center

MIDLAND, MI - The Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region (GLBR) is a healing center for people dealing with the profound impact of losing a loved one. Established as a pillar of support, the nonprofit has diligently served children, teens, and their families across Midland County since 2016. 



Challenge Detroit

DETROIT, MI - The Challenge Detroit fellowship program provides a yearlong, full-time, paid job, offering a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to Detroit. The program enables participants to foster leadership development, advance their careers, and establish connections with mentors and a diverse network of innovative, community-minded leaders, thinkers, and doers. Fellows collaborate on Challenge Projects with local nonprofit partners, which serve as the program's core. These projects aim to propel our partners in addressing the city's most critical needs and opportunities, ultimately contributing to the vitality of Detroit's diverse and vibrant communities. The projects are human-centered, strategic, intellectually-based, and community-focused.

We had the opportunity to interview Deirdre Groves, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Challenge Detroit, to discover how this organization is actively creating a positive and tangible impact on the city of Detroit.

Learn how you can support Challenge Detroit by visiting https://www.challengedetroit.org/

ICCF Community Homes

ICCF Community Homes seeks housing justice in West Michigan for a more equitable and thriving community. ICCF engages with over 2,000 households each year through a wide range of housing-related services. The organization also manages more than 600 units of affordable rental housing and offers homeownership education, providing home purchase opportunities to hundreds of neighbors.

Michelle Covington, VP of Advancement of ICCF Homes, shares the organization’s amazing vision to create vibrant communities in West Michigan with connected neighbors, housing justice, and abundant opportunities.

Learn how you can support ICCF Community Homes by visiting https://iccf.org/

The Bettye Harris Foundation

The Bettye Harris Foundation, dedicated to prioritizing Community First, underwent a transformative journey from its origins as a Larynx cancer nonprofit, adapting and evolving in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. In its current phase, the foundation has taken on the crucial role of bridging the gap between funding and demand, meticulously ensuring that our community helpers receive the necessary support through a diverse range of impactful initiatives.

Learn how you can support The Bettye Harris Foundation and other nonprofits by visiting https://www.bettyeharrisfoundation.net/

Girls Choir Academy

The Girls Choral Academy offers a secure, captivating, and nurturing environment for young women to flourish and develop. Through involvement in the choral arts, girls acquire musical skills, learn to cultivate positive relationships and nurture their creativity.

Learn how you can support the Girls Choir Academy by visiting https://girlschoralacademy.org/

The Firecracker Foundation

The Firecracker Foundation is a nonprofit that is strengthening our communities, across all generations, by providing holistic healing services for children who have experienced sexual trauma. The Firecracker Foundation offers mental health therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, advocacy, and community education.

Learn how you can support the Firecracker Foundation by visiting https://thefirecrackerfoundation.org/

Isaiah's Hub

Isaiah’s Hub is a nonprofit community youth center in Jackson, MI, focused on developing strong economic foundations in at-risk youth. They provide a safe, fun, and positive learning space for youth to acquire core life skills, skilled trades, occupational skills, leadership, good moral skills, and more.

Learn how you can support Isaiah’s Hub and other incredible nonprofits in your community and across the state of Michigan by visiting their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IsaiahsHubJXN

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