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Looking Ahead with Kelley Kuhn

A Letter from MNA President & CEO Kelley Kuhn

Looking Ahead with Kelley Kuhn

“It is a very exciting time to be the leader of the Michigan Nonprofit Association because we are committed to putting nonprofits on the map!”

When we look to the year ahead, we are considering all the opportunities we have to amplify the work of nonprofits and keep us on everyone’s radar. Yes, we respond during times of crisis- that’s just what we do. But it is critical that nonprofits are seen outside of a crisis situation and that we are understood and valued as essential to the vitality of Michigan. 

Our state is losing population, and that’s likely to continue. So how can we attract more incredible people to Michigan and convince the folks that are here to stay? People want to live in places where there is strong community and care, and nonprofits are at the heart of that. Nonprofits are not only economic drivers, but they improve the quality of life. We want to make sure that our value is understood throughout the state and far beyond it. 

This coming year, we’re going to build off the momentum of the MI Nonprofit Relief Fund. We have thousands of stories to share that demonstrate how the fund supports the impact nonprofits are making. We also have a huge opportunity to build on the connections between community leaders, who have been with us every step of the way, from designing the application to making funding decisions. By keeping our nonprofit community close and engaged, we are strengthening our network of resources and support. 

It is a very exciting time to be the leader of the Michigan Nonprofit Association. There is an important story to tell, and every headline showcases the remarkable efforts of nonprofits addressing urgent community needs across Michigan. It's shining a spotlight on Michigan's nonprofit landscape. Our focus is on amplifying the voices of our members, which brings not just influence but also the chance to drive equitable and just systemic changes. Every corner of our state hosts a vibrant nonprofit community, and through collaboration, we're steadily making it better for all.

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