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Partnership Request Form

Thank you for your interest in partnership with Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA).

In order to help us facilitate your request, please read the information below, watch our values video, and complete the form to have your partnership idea considered by MNA.

Meeting the criteria and submitting the form does not guarantee a partnership with MNA.

Criteria for Partnership

  • Aligns with¬†MNA's Core Values.
  • Helps MNA reach the nonprofits that need us most.
  • Expands MNA's capacity and role of connector and champion for nonprofits.
  • Appeals to a broad range of nonprofits that are diverse in size, geographic location and mission type.
  • Provides solutions that are in high demand and address common issues for most nonprofits.
  • Provides a special benefit or discount to MNA members not available to non-members but at the retail price.
  • Provides a revenue share or other significant benefit to MNA.
  • Current MNA¬†Business Member. (Or willing to become a member upon implementation of partnership.)
  • Partner has experience working with multiple nonprofits.
  • Partner is responsible for developing partnership online, curriculum, marketing materials and promotional language.
  • Six+ weeks of lead time before announcement of partnership.
  • Partners will have access to contact information for registrants/participants; MNA will maintain the privacy of contact information for those members/non-members that don't opt-in to partnership event, service or product.

MNA's Core Values

Partnership Request Form

Partnership Opportunity


Mission & Values Alignment -- Briefly describe how your proposed partnership:


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