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Murray-Brown Featured in MiBiz Article About Virtual Programming and Fundraising

In a September 26 article in MiBiz, written by Kate Carlson, the Grand Rapids-based news publication spoke with state of Michigan nonprofits and organizations regarding the need for more virtual events. 

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Senate Bill Introduced to Give Temporary Relief for Charitable Events

Earlier this summer, 2021, a bipartisan statewide bill was introduced to give temporary relief to charitable gaming events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Effectively, the bill would temporarily waive fees and expand the ability to hold specific nonprofit events that include games of chance. In these scenarios, the participants would use imitation money or chips, similar to a casino. 

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What will the future look like for Southeast Michigan's nonprofits?

Over the last 18 months, nonprofit organizations in the region have spent much of their days in a reactive state: responding, experimenting and working to survive in order to continue serving community needs.

But the critical events of COVID-19, vaccination engagement, a heightened sense of racial justice and issues of climate change have also forced nonprofit leaders and those who support their work to look beyond the immediate, to consider the future.

How has this storm of challenges altered the nonprofit world, for better or worse, causing leaders to question and reimagine their systems of funding, models of work, governance and values? 

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The Way Forward: Nonprofits face long recovery, uncertainty

There's a lot of discussion about things getting back to normal, but that's not yet the case for nonprofits and the people they serve.

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Make your voice heard in Michigan's redistricting process | Opinion

In 2018, voters passed an amendment to Michigan’s Constitution, establishing the Michigan Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission (MICRC). Michigan citizens have a historic, first-time ever opportunity to actively participate in the process of drawing new district lines that will govern where they vote and influence the kind of candidate who will represent them. This process is called redistricting — it happens just once every decade, and it is happening right now in Michigan. It is a nonpartisan, transparent and fair and open process.

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Metro Detroit nonprofits aim to get community voices into redistricting process

"We're working to specifically promote racial equity so that communities of color, most importantly, who happen to be often the ones who are underrepresented and underserved, have a voice in processes like these for the next ten years," says Mariana Martinez, director of civic engagement initiatives for MNA. "We know that these maps will be drawn for the next ten years, so this is a good time to get involved."

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PPP Loans may run out prior to May deadline

Funds for a paycheck protection program loan also known as a ‘PPP loan’ may run out before the May deadline. The Michigan Non Profit Association is urging small businesses and non-profits to apply before it’s too late.

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Organizations to host virtual redistricting town hall on Monday for Flint residents

Communities First, Inc. is partnering with the Michigan Nonprofit Association to bring awareness and education to the redistricting initiative with a town hall.

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Ford Motor Company Fund taps nonprofits for PSA encouraging COVID-19 vaccination in multicultural communities

The announcement is the latest example of nonprofits playing a role as trusted sources in public service campaigns. Michigan Nonprofit Association tapped nonprofits across the state to help spur multicultural residents to participate in the recent U.S. Census. And early this year, the association tapped them again to engage the state's residents in redistricting conversations.

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Your questions about Michigan's new redistricting process answered

Every ten years after the completion of the census, states around the country redraw the political maps that assign candidates and voters to congressional and legislative districts they will live in for the next decade.

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